Sustainable Textiles

HRP Textile Agency is becoming increasingly aware of how important it is to have a more sustainable development approach, which considers our stakeholders, the environment, and our community. As a result, we are, step by step, shifting towards a more sustainable business model based on those pillars.

Environmental Responsibility

We are striving to be, at every step, more accountable and transparent regarding the environmental impact of our Industry. As an agency, we can only play a very small part in the real change needed for the long supply chain of sustainable textiles. That’s why our choice of suppliers has an essential role in how we tackle the urge to reduce this impact. Over the years, we have been giving preference to suppliers that shifted their practices to hold a more sustainable and ethical production. The quality and production conditions where your products are manufactured are of extreme importance to HRP. It needs to honor the Made in Portugal reputation, which ultimately adds value to your products.

At HRP we encourage our suppliers to reduce their environmental impact as much as possible, either through processes of innovation and modernization of the production sites, or certifications. For instance, many of our partners hold several environmental and social certifications such as GOTS – Global Organic Textile Standard; Oeko-tex 100 certification; GRS – Global Recycle Standard; OCS – Organic Content Standard; RCS – Recycled Claim Standard; SMETA – Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit; SA8000 – Social Accountability; RWS – Responsible Wool Standard, amongst others. Throughout the years we have gained significant knowledge of these seals and can advise you on the right solutions to your needs of sustainable textiles.

Internally, HRP has developed several procedures to reduce our impact such as promoting recycling and waste reduction, plastic avoidance and installation of LEDs to save energy. Additionally, HRP has started investing in an electric fleet while recommending suppliers for the installation of both solar panels and electrical chargers at the factories. By investing in long-term partnerships, and continuously searching for new suppliers that are aligned with our company’s mindset, we are ensuring that we get access to the latest sustainable textiles solutions in the market. This greatly improves the service we provide to our customers.

As the demand for sustainable textile solutions increases, so does the availability and diversity of the ranges of recycled and organic materials. Here, Brands play an important role as their demand dictates the speed and availability of more sustainable approaches and innovations, both in processes and materials. For instance, it’s possible to see a trend of going from the term Sustainable to Circular. With that in mind, several suppliers are already putting in place ways of having their leftovers used as raw materials for other industries.

When talking about reducing the impact of our industry, every action matters. The fact the Portuguese textile industry cluster is highly concentrated in the north area, also plays an interesting part in the sustainability of our industry. By having most of the supply chain located within a short radius of action, there’s a positive impact in terms of costs, lead times and efficiency. That is why we are strategically located in the heart of the industry cluster, Barcelos.

Manufacturers Certification

Social Responsibility

It’s not only important to be focused on reducing the environmental impact of our operations, but to also make sure we are bringing a positive change to the community around us. Here, our principles of only working with ethical suppliers which assure the health and safety of the personnel throughout operations, have made an impact. At some factories, there are already in place compensation plans with benefits such as free hot drinks and sandwiches, plus one free massage session per week.

Regarding our team, we are focused on improving their wellbeing and happiness both at work and outside of it. HRP complies with all laws and regulations related with Health and Safety at work, plus there’s a commitment of providing conscious balance between work and personal life. Ever since COVID, a Hybrid working system has been put in place which gives flexibility and comfort to our teammates to work at the office, home, or at the factories – without compromising the quality of our service. Additionally, we promote monthly gatherings where we take the opportunity to strengthen our sense of team and companionship. This also happens when celebrating anniversaries and achievements, both at personal and professional level. We are happy to also have a PET friendly work environment where our teammates companions are welcome.

At HRP we are always up for any new collaborations that can improve the happiness at work, or to better serve our customers and society. For instance, we have closed partnerships that allow our teammates to have free checkups and several discounts at Optical stores. Additionally, in our local community, HRP takes part in sponsoring local festivities in Barcelos, creating moments where everyone gets together and can relax after a day of work. Every year, during Christmas time, HRP encourages our partners to donate garments which are not up to standard to be shipped, and make sure they find their way to the ones in need.

In sum, we want to do business through a culture of talking, understanding and a clear sense of bringing positive changes to the world. If you share this mindset or wish to know more about our company and its services please get in touch! We are more than happy to connect.