From developments to production, our team oversees the whole process. After receiving your tech packs and have prices approved, we can then advance with the developments. We normally start by prototypes, followed by SMS. For the latest, you will need to approve the respective lab dips and trim cards beforehand. During these phases, there will be room for comments and improvements until everything is ready for the bulk order production.

After bulk is confirmed, we will send you a Pre-Production Sample ahead so you can confirm everything is according your specifications. Since our team will be carefully monitoring all developments, they will be able to advise you with better inputs for you to optimize your investment. As a result, a quicker and more suitable course of action will be taken, when necessary, to ensure bulk orders meet your requirements and are delivered on time. All information can be sent to you in the form of a report, where you can visualize the progress of your production on a regular basis.