Sourcing the right clothing manufacturer is one of the most important and difficult elements in your business. A brand can have the best designers and marketing, but if it does not have a good product, it will not sell. Some of the problems you may face, when looking blindly for suppliers abroad, can be the following:

  • Poor quality;
  • Faulty Goods;
  • Shipment delays;
  • Communication Barriers.

Consequently, this approach will most likely result in poor sales, plus a vast amount of expenses and time wasted.

Wouldn’t it be much better to have a partner in Portugal who could point you in the right direction, while taking into consideration your brand’s needs? HRP Textile Agency offers an integrated solution to meet your specific requirements. We always start by matching your brand with the most suited supplier. We have been working over the years with a portfolio of trustworthy suppliers which fit different needs. While analysing your request, we take into consideration your expectations regarding the supplier, namely, about their product range, quality, and certifications. Nevertheless, if there is a need to search for a new supplier to perfectly match your product specifications, HRP team will find it and present it to you.