The first step after understanding your needs is to get you prices. For this to happen as fast and efficiently as possible, we will need you to send us samples or tech packs. The perfect match only happens when our clients have the best quality at the best price. Therefore, we start working immediately in trying to achieve your target prices as soon as we have received your tech packs. It is extremely important to emphasize that some certifications imply specific operations and processes, which can be costlier (e.g. GOTS).

Our suppliers will produce prototypes based on your product specifications. The price will be known by taking into consideration the following:

  • Time spent on the production of each style;
  • Costs of materials and accessories used in each operation;
  • Different operations needed to produce your style.

Throughout this process, our team will be advising you on both the best materials and course of action to achieve the best price for quality possible, within your product specifications.