Textile Specialists

HRP is a Textile Agency based in Barcelos that aims to support international brands placing their production in Portugal. We play a role as an intermediary between our clients and the Portuguese clothing manufacturers. Our goal is to present a personalized experience based on the requirements of each client, so they can make the most of their investment in Portugal. For that, we have developed a service that aims to solve our clients most concerning problems regarding a suited choice of suppliers and quality control. In other words, HRP provides consulting expertise in apparel sourcing and manufacturing, while advising our clients throughout the whole process. 

Sustainable Textiles

HRP is becoming increasingly aware of the planet and the need to make a change. We are striving to be, at every step, more accountable and transparent regarding the environmental impact of our operations. Our suppliers have an important role in how we tackle the urge to reduce our environmental impact. Over the years, they have been shifting their practices to hold a more ethical and sustainable production:

  • Compliance with the BCI (Better Cotton Initiative);
  • Usage of sustainable materials such as organic and recycled fibers;
  • Certifications (GOTS, Oeko-tex 100, SA8000, GRS, OCS 100, SMETA);
  • Recycling and reducing the usage of plastics;
  • Knits leftovers are used as raw material by other industries.

Today we are better than yesterday, but not as good as we will be tomorrow. In a joint effort with our suppliers, and as our clients demands for a more sustainable production increases, we are moving towards a more environmentally friendly supply chain.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)?
It really depends on both the type of product and supplier we are dealing with. Nevertheless, we have our structure built to work with a MOQ per style and color of about 300 pcs. Normally, when dealing with bigger quantities, some Styles can balance others. Having said that, if there is more than one style sharing the same fabric qualities, the minimums can be different.
How long is the Lead time?
Again, it really depends on the type of product and nominated supplier that is attending to your request. In order to avoid any delays, we established a lead time of 10 weeks (on average) for new developments. Nevertheless, it can come down to 8 or 6 weeks depending on the product specifications or if it is a carry-forward style.
Regarding environmental concerns, HRP is focused on continuously improving its supplier network sustainability standards. From opting for certified suppliers, usage of sustainable materials (organic and recycled fibers), recycling and reducing the usage of plastics to the compliance with BCI (Better Cotton Initiative), we are prepared to address your request.
What certifications do your suppliers have?
We have suppliers with at least one or more of the following certifications: Oeko-tex 100 Certification; SA8000 - Social Accountability; GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard; GRS - Global Recycle Standard; SMETA - Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit and OCS 100 - Organic Content Standard.