HRP Textile Agency

HRP is a family run Textile Agency based in Barcelos created with the purpose of supporting international brands placing their production in Portugal. As a textile agency, we will work as an intermediary between your Brand and the Portuguese Clothing Manufacturers, where we are responsible for managing your entire production cycle. With our experienced team of textile specialists, you will benefit from a personalized sourcing journey based on both your requirements and specific needs of your brand. This tailor made service has been significantly improving the results of our clients that chose to place their production in Portugal.

Why choose a Clothing manufacturer in Portugal?

  • Strategic Location;
  • Peaceful Country;
  • Textiles quality and Know-how;
  • Competitive Prices;
  • Sustainable Textiles;
  • European Trade Policies;
  • Ethical Working and Health Conditions;
  • Made in Portugal Reputation;


From the moment it was founded, HRP Textile Agency has been exporting made in Portugal productions worlwide. Currently, our main clients are based across Europe, however, we are steadily growing our presence in the Canadian and American market. We are actively working to increase our customer base, so you are welcome to get in touch!



From the moment it was founded, HRP Textile Agency has been exporting made in Portugal productions worlwide. Currently, our main clients are based across Europe, however, we are steadily growing our presence in the Canadian and American market. We are actively working to increase our customer base, so you are welcome to get in touch!


We managed to ramp up our garments production thanks to HRP : very efficient and available contacts with the ability to find solutions for a wide range of requirements in a timely fashion. We are really happy to be working with them, and we can only recommend them for your business.
A truly professional and responsive textile Agency, which will be able to proactively find solutions to its customers' needs. I recommend it to anyone wishing to develop their business in Portugal.
Working with HRP was such a pleasure! They work with lots of experienced factories in Portugal! The agent is super knowledgeable, responsive and passionate about their products! Highly recommended!
HRP has the best service and quality I have experienced within my years at the clothing industry. We’re looking forward to the future with our collaboration!
I can genuinely say they have been a pleasure to work with. We have small MOQs, very wide size ranges and complex garment requirements, and they've worked effectively to find manufacturers who can accommodate us. We also have the added complexity and workload that Brexit brings, and they've helped us with the logistics. Their turnaround times for samples and development have also been pretty reasonable and communication is effective.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)?
The most accurate answer is: It depends. We need to take into consideration both the type of product and the Clothing Manufacturer we are dealing with. Circular knits, Seamless, Wovens, Knitwear, each range is different. We have our structure built to work preferably with a MOQ of about 300 pieces per style and 150 per colour, however, there are ways to work around it. For instance, when dealing with bigger quantities, some styles can balance others. Additionally, if there is more than one style sharing the same fabric quality and colour, the minimums can be different.
How long is the Lead time?
It really depends on the type of product and Clothing Manufacturer that is attending to your request. To avoid any delays, we established a lead time of 10 weeks on average for new developments. Nevertheless, it can come down to 8 or 6 weeks depending on the product specifications or if it is a carry-forward style.
Regarding environmental concerns, HRP is focused on continuously improving its supplier's network sustainability standards. Every action matters, so HRP prioritizes working with certified suppliers; recommending the usage of sustainable materials (organic and recycled fibres) whenever possible; promoting the recycling and the reduction of the usage of plastics; motivating suppliers for the compliance with several certifications; investing in an electric fleet and for the installation of electrical chargers at the manufacturing sites.
What certifications do your suppliers have?
The clothing manufacturers we work daily have, at least, one or more of the following certifications: Oeko-tex 100 Certification; SA8000 - Social Accountability; GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard; GRS - Global Recycle Standard; RWS - Responsible Wool standard, SMETA - Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit and OCS 100 - Organic Content Standard. Nevertheless, we can find different suppliers with different certifications based on your requirements.
What's the process of working with HRP Textile Agency?
The process always starts by either receiving an inspirational sample to replicate or a complete tech pack. Our team will make sure to understand the type of products you want to develop and all your requirements for your production. Based on this information, the most suitable supplier will be chosen to look at your products and provide you with an initial quote. If the quote is approved, then we can start sampling and then work on the feedback received. Our objective is to develop the perfect garment ready to move forward to production while complying with your timeline. Through the sampling and production stage, our Quality Controllers will be at the manufacturing sites making sure all your requirements are being complied with.
Is HRP Textile Agency able to work with Start-up brands?
Start-up brands normally need more assistance from us, whereas we have a structure built to work with companies that are in a more developed stage - and bigger quantities overall (around 300 per style and 150 colour). Nevertheless, if we see potential and understand we can be of assistance, we are up for the challenge and finding ways of working around the limitations we may face. In fact, HRP has already helped several start up brands growing consistently.

These brands had several things in common:
- Workers with previous experience with apparel;
- Provided complete Technical packs (Size charts, desired fabric quality, artworks, labels, etc.);
- Complied with MOQ. Better start with styles using the same fabric quality and colours to help with this;
- Understanding of the workmanship costs of producing in the EU;
- Open minded regarding limitations or changes needed to move forward with the styles.

We encourage you to get in touch to find out if we can be of assistance with your request!

Textiles Quality Control and Testing, how does it work?
Our team of Quality Controllers visits all our supplier network daily to check protos, samples, and productions. All orders are audited at the manufacturing site using AQL 2.5 (level2). Additionally, fabric and garments testing can be done (if required) in recognized laboratories such as SGS and Intertek. If you have a quality manual, we will make sure everything is being strictly followed. Anything that does not comply with our client's requirements will be immediately communicated and addressed. Our aim is for our clients to receive exactly what they ordered in a timely manner.